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Alliance for Business Education
Forming a model for renewed business education
Formation of expert community in new-format business education
A implement an accelerated, effective way to train professionals based on the new generation of standards
Core values of the Charter and the Alliance
Spirituality and embracing knowledge as a gift
Traditional social and family values
Credibility in national traditions and education methods
Striving to respect the ancient principles of social harmony
Respect for the local school's cultural roots
Man - Nature - Society, Heaven - Earth - Man, etc.
Willingness to integrate the best and latest of what education systems from the West and East have to offer.

Main objectives and activities of the Alliance
Promote socially and economically grounded institutional reforms aimed at stimulating the development of business education in the Eurasian countries;
Participation in the formation of a common educational space "Business Eurasia", the development of national educational systems, improving the quality of teaching;
Development and implementation of international educational methodologies and programs in the field of business education;
Development and implementation of unified mechanisms for assessment and confirmation of qualifications;
Promoting effective cooperation in educational, scientific, technological, social and business spheres by creating a new open system of business education in the countries of "Greater Eurasia";
Carrying out sectoral research, expertise, assessments, certifications, accreditations, attestations;
Expert, information-analytical and methodological support of business education in the Eurasian countries;
Development and implementation of advanced digital tools in business education, maintenance and support of technological platforms in Eurasia;
Participation in the development and implementation of government projects and programmes aimed at accelerating economic growth in the Eurasian countries;
Organising and conducting dialogue platforms, forums, roundtables, conferences, training sessions, symposiums, exhibitions;
Advising, facilitating business contacts, and conducting analyses on request;
Gathering, analysing and evaluating information for the preparation of surveys on trends in business education in Eurasia, maintaining relevant databases and knowledge bases;
Improvement of methods and mechanisms for forecasting, expertise of scientific and educational projects, evaluation of the effectiveness of training programmes;
Promoting integration of science, education, and large, medium, and small businesses in Eurasia on the basis of business education;
To promote socially and economically sound institutional reforms aimed at stimulating the development of business education in Eurasia;
Governing bodies and structure of the Alliance
Working Languages
The Alliance's working languages are:

Alliance Headquarters
The headquarters of the Alliance shall be located in Istanbul (Republic of Turkey).
The decision to relocate the headquarters is taken by the Board of Directors of the Alliance.
Contact information:
Akperov Teymur Imran oglu
Executive Director

WhatsApp: +7 999 695-01-69
E-mail: eeurasianedu@gmail.com
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